Matthew B. Tepper (asimovberlioz) wrote in la_eats,
Matthew B. Tepper

Santa Clarita recommendations?

I hope that Santa Clarita isn't too far out of the bounds of this community. Even though I'm L.A.-born and -raised, there are still some parts of the Southland I don't know well.

I'm taking someone new to an event at the Performing Arts Center this Saturday night. Since this is a first date, I'd like to take her someplace nice and unhackneyed. But also since we haven't yet discussed food preferences, I don't know what cuisines she likes, whether she's a vegetarian, etc. So some varied suggestions (preferably within striking distance of the venue) would be appreciated.

I don't eat anything from the sea, so sushi is right out, unless it's someplace where I can get "turf" for myself.

Thanks in advance.
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Route 66, Chi Chi's Pizza, or Applebees!